There are two stories playing out in solar today.

One of them is decidedly negative. The other is extraordinarily positive. And they’re both unfolding at the exact same time.

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In this week’s podcast, we detail the different stories playing out in solar. We’ll weave reflective conversation together with excerpts from Shayle’s keynote address at last month’s Solar Summit. 

  • In part one, the brutal year for many businesses: Public solar companies are getting thrashed; module oversupply is causing severe financial pain for manufacturers; and even downstream companies who’ve benefited from cheaper equipment and growing demand have struggled. What does this tell us about the state of in the industry?
  • In part two, the macro trends: While the industry is in upheaval, the prospects could not be better for the technology. It’s one of the strange contradictions in solar. Where do we stand on the growth trajectory today?
  • In part three, preparing for explosive growth: How do you manage the coming wave of solar with better market design and integration techniques?

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