Powerwall is a home battery that charges utilizing power created from sunlight based boards, or when utility rates are low, and powers your home at night. It likewise braces your home against force blackouts by giving a reinforcement power supply. Mechanized, reduced and easy to introduce, Powerwall offers freedom from the utility framework and the security of a crisis reinforcement.

Why Powerwall?

    • Tesla home batteries expand the value of your sun oriented boards and offer an assortment of reinforcement power supply arrangements. You can even go off the network.

    Sun oriented power around evening time.

    • Powerwall stores power created by sun based boards amid the day and makes it accessible to your home in the evening.This crosses over any barrier between top sunlight based and top interest, permitting you to utilize your photons when you require them.

    Go net zero.

    • Consolidate sun based boards and one or more Powerwall home batteries to control your home autonomously from the utility network. A net zero vitality rating implies that your home produces as much vitality as it devours, yet is still joined with the utility matrix for times of popularity.

    Crisis reinforcement.

    • In the case of an utility blackout, Powerwall can control your whole home or select machines with a continuous supply of electricity.When introduced alongside sun based boards, Powerwall will permit your home to utilize sun powered produced power amid an utility blackout.

    Perfectly Functional.

    • Current era home batteries are cumbersome, costly to introduce and costly to keep up. Interestingly, Powerwall’s lithium particle battery acquires Tesla’s demonstrated car battery innovation to control your home securely and financially. Totally robotized, it introduces effortlessly and requires no support.

    How it Works.

    • A run of the mill Powerwall framework incorporates sun oriented boards, an inverter for changing over power between direct present and substituting current, a meter for measuring battery charge, and in reinforcement applications, an auxiliary circuit that powers key apparatuses. Which parts are required relying upon how you utilize your home battery.

    Sun powered boards.

    • Boards change over daylight into power that charges Powerwall and forces your home amid the day. Without sun powered, Powerwall can lessen time of utilization force bills by deliberately moving vitality utilization.


    • The home battery is accused of power produced by sun powered boards or from the utility network.


    • The inverter changes over direct current power from sun based boards, the matrix and Powerwall into the rotating current utilized by your home’s lights, apparatuses and gadgets.
    • All Powerwall establishments require a perfect inverter. To expand sun based utilization, a meter is likewise introduced to quantify sunlight based creation and home vitality use.

    Electrical Panel.

    • Power from the inverter is sent to your home’s electrical board. For applications without sunlight based, and evening time, power produced by the force organization is sent from the electrical board to the inverter to charge the Powerwall.

    Backup board and switch.

    • Some reinforcement establishments may require an optional electrical board containing the basic machines and outlets you wish to move down. An electrical switch naturally enacts the reinforcement board amid a force organization blackout.

    *When introduced with sun powered, this switch can keep your sun oriented delivering amid a blackout. Reinforcement is a discretionary element when introducing to boost sunlight based or move vitality utilization.


    • Each Powerwall has a 7 kWh vitality stockpiling limit, adequate to control most homes amid the night utilizing power produced by sun based boards amid the day. Different batteries may be introduced together for homes with more prominent vitality needs. A 10 kWh week by week cycle rendition is accessible for reinforcement applications.

    Who to Buy.

    • Powerwall starts shipping in late 2015 and requires establishment by a prepared circuit tester. Save yours today and you’ll be reached to organize establishment.

    Tesla Energy For Businesses and Utilities.

    • Tesla Energy permits organizations to decrease crest interest charges, shift vitality utilization profiles, and take an interest in accessible network markets. For utilities, Tesla Energy arrangements are turn-key, completely coordinated frameworks, intended for long life and to serve a wide exhibit of utilizations, including peaker substitution/limit procurement, T&D deferral, framework firming, and other business sector cooperation.
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